Networking - Home or Office made simple

A Simple guide to Networking - Wired or Wireless


Home Networking is quite straight forward. When buying a Modem / Router it usually comes preconfigured with a address which you can place into your web browser to access the login page i.e. - The login is normally Admin and then 'password' for the password. Netman always recommends putting your home network on a 10.X.X.X Network. Always give the Router a address. If you want to use DHCP then give the range for just as many internet hungary machines that you have. So if you have 1 PC and 2 laptops set the DHCP to the range of to

When using wireless ensure that you are using the highest encryption available WEP or WPA as a minimum. Never choose a encryption code that you think somebody can guess easily. It is always a good idea to change your SSID name too. It is normally set to the brand name of the Router. Change it to something that no one outside your property can tie down to you.

Likewise simple office networking is easy - Just follow the 1 floor = 1 IP address rule. Here you are introducing 1 switch per floor level. You are limited to 254 PCs in this case. Office Networking can get as complicated as you wish. Just write the config down!