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From Motorcycles to Helping people in Nicaragua -- Last page updated on this site: Home Page -11 May 2015

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Let Netman know if you have any questions about Netman's visits to Nicaragua over the past 12 years. Ask a question by using the contact page.

******Good news!****** More computers are arriving. Netman will see if they are suitable to ship to Nicaragua or just dumb doorstops.

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  • Netman says; "Learn but don’t dwell on the past as there is nothing you can do about it. Get exited about the future as you can influence it."

    You can now shop for computer items through Netman's site and all profit made will go to help the poor in Nicaragua. Shop Here

    Rain kills many in Nicaragua Floods and landslides have killed at least 34 dead and affected some 84,000 people in Nicaragua this rainy season, which began on May 15...

    Rains kill many in Nicaragua

    This Site is split into 4 main categories


    Motorcycles, Nicaragua and Computer Snippets & Netman's Computer store

    1 - Netman's Motorcycles


    Here you will find information of the bikes that Netman has owned. There is also info on tours past and present, photos and write-ups. The photos are the property of Netman and the write-ups are the views of participants of the ride-outs.

    If you would like to join Netman or even contribute to this site then please use the Contact Netman page.

    Nicaragua to Uk time difference

    Nicaragua Time
    UK Time

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    2 - Netman's has worked in Nicaragua

    If you would like a Presentation on the work that Netman and the Team do in Nicaragua for your School, Church, University or Meeting Hall, please contact Netman. Read More


    In 2004 Netman traveled to Nicaragua as part of a team for a Charity Called SIFT and has been doing so for the past 5 years. Netman is not part of the SIFT charity and works in Nicaragua as an independent person. But it is worth noting that Netman relies on the help of Tony Langmead the Project Manager for SIFT for booking rooms and ferries in advance of our visits. Visit: Seed International Fund Trust


    Nicaragua Slideshow

    Netman publishes photos on this website of visits that are made to Nicaragua. This is very important, as the potential people who would like to travel can see the conditions. The sponsors that provide equipment and money can see where it is going to. The photos on this website remain the property of Netman. If you would like a photo please ask Netman.

    3 - Computer Snippets , Downloads & Adds

    Refurbished Computers for Sale


    Web Design

    Downloads & FAQ's


    Computer Info

    Bike Info


    Visit http://www.ipligence.com

    Below are details about you. Don't worry nothing is logged on this site.

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  • Latest News

    • 2015 Visit to Nicaragua is cancelled for up to 2 years.

    Motorcycle News

    • Prudence the Pan is Back on the road with a recent road trip to Normandy France.
    • There will be lots of motorcycling in 2015. Watch this space.

    About Netman

    Thank you for visiting the Netman site. I hope you will enjoy what you see here. Netman is a computer and aerospace engineer and also a keen motorcyclist who is currently working as a Civil Servant. Netman's real name is Pete who served 22 years in the Royal Air force as an Electrician/Computer Engineer. Now retired from the RAF Pete enjoys nothing more than riding his Pan European, his job in computers and contributing towards a charity called SIFT and thus helping the children of the poorest communities in Nicaragua in their Education- If you would like to contact Netman/Pete please feel free to email Netman.

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    Netman's Bike Prudence on Facebook.